The Library at Holy Trinity 


Look, listen, and read. Don't let the learning stop. Where are you in your faith journey? Let the Holy Trinity library be one of your sources for information and inspiration.



If you are a member or participant of Holy Trinity you have access to material for children, teens, and adults in the form of books, recorded books, VHS, DVD, music CDs, and computer programs. If you are interested in religious issues, help in illness and loss, how to live a Christian life, prayer, theology, how people of other religions think - it's here. 



If you enjoy fiction, try a growing collection of Christian fiction on for size. If you are a parent, check out the selection of beautiful, meaningful children's books that strengthen relationships between God and all people in Christ Child, teen, young adult, or older - this place is for you.



The library is more than a room.  It's an experience - listening during story time, enjoying summer with good books, discussing books, meeting and listening to local authors, and learning about people who do good things.



Located just inside the parking lot door and across from the office - open whenever the church is open (with special help on Sundays) - Come on in!


Contact Sandy Matalis for any questions on the Holy Trinity library