The prayer blanket is a symbol of faith-sharing communities' covering of prayer for the individual who receives it.


Who is Eligible to receive a blanket?

Anyone, adults or children afflicted physically or emotionally.  We would like to give blankets to those stricken with cancer, severe emotional distress, and others who just need to feel this enormous gift of love and wamth that emanates from these blankets. After each blanket is made, they are blessed by Pastor Braband.

How can I help?

The ministry is a non-profit project. We ask for donations to purchase the fabric to to make the blankets for those in need of comfort.  Donations are accepted with great appreciation.

We also need people to come and help assemble the blankets and pray while tying a knot or two. If you are interested in doing that please contact the  church office. You can call 630.620.0072 or e-mail Kim at

Each Knot is a prayer

God will use this beautiful ministry to touch the lives of countless people who will receive blankets while enduring a diffucult time in their lives.  We are very fortunate to have people that give abundantly of their time to make this ministry possible, but we could always use more hands to help.  As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is said for the relief of suffering, and for healing. As we pray, the very threads become interwoven with pleas for the healing on behalf of the recipient.